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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Forest fire is bust out of fire in the forests to some activity mainly due to attrition caused by rubbing of trees. High temperature also adds up to cause of forest fire. Exactly what happens is, as the wind blows there is contact among the barks of the trees. This contact creates the attrition force among the barks of the trees. Oxygen available in the air helps along with the atmospheric temperature to cause fire.

This fire is a great threat, as it can’t be extinguished by us. It has to stop on its own. This causes damage to the wild species which live in those forests. They will lose their home, sometimes get hurt or even lose their habitat, in the worst cases. Such disaster will cause extinct of certain species that are very sensitive to changes. Along with this, the amount of forest will reduce, thereby due to less trees air purification will be less. Also burning of forest will cause emission of green house gas into the atmosphere. This will increase the atmospheric temperature; also damage the ozone layer causing global warming. The land becomes barren and almost waste.

It’s like chain we pollute the atmosphere and increase the atmospheric temperature by our day to day activities, which in turn disturbs the nature and comes like a boomerang and affects us in amplified way.
The controller for such threat is in our hands. All we have to do is to take care of the global warming. We must see that we don’t pollute the atmosphere beyond the tolerance limit. These are just simple things, if we follow them our earth will be the best place to live in.

Let’s together save our earth and natural resources.


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  2. I'm wondering if the burning of the rainforest is affecting the ozone layer, and if so, how badly is it affecting it? At the rate the rainforests are being burned down, is it possile that eventually, we will infact, breathe absolutly polluted air, or even have not enough air, because all main source of trees in the world are gone? is this all possible or does burning down rainforests not have an effect on the eco-system or even the future of our civilization?

    1. Ya what u r wondering is ri8, it will affect the ozone layer that to to in massive amount. If we wont control our polluting rate, even it will be possible, but will take some more decades that we will be breathing polluted air. Now itself the air we breathe is not pure, that's y we are being affected by many diseases these days compared to the previous generation peoples. Sure burning of rainforests will affect the eco-system & even the future of our civilization if will continue to pollute our earth at such a tremendous rate. Thats y i am trying to make people aware of such things so that we can save our earth and provide a better place for our future generation.

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