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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spreading of TOXIC materials throughout the EARTH affecting POLAR BEARS

Polar bears are facing a lot of problems due to human activity. As we have increased the emission rate of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere to a greater extent, the polar bears are the most affected by it. We not only pollute the air but also the water. These toxic and hazardous materials travel the source to the destination with either air or water as the medium. Here the source is the place where the toxic materials are being produced or emitted like industries, automobiles, etc., and the destination is the place or things that are being affected by it like various habitats, vegetations etc.
Polar Bear baby died and parent is crying!!!

Mainly the polar bears in the arctic regions are face hard time due to these toxic materials. They are being affected by different kind of infections. They are losing their weights, resistance to cold, some even lose their lives. If this emission continues and increases, then in few decades one won’t find any polar bear left on this earth. So one by one we will lose everyone starting from the polar bears till ourselves, if we don’t take any proper action regarding our emission.

By controlling our emission we can still save the other polar bears left. It is never late to act. Everyone has to do their duty properly. Everyone has to contribute inorder to achieve this success. As drops of water put together makes an ocean, likewise everyone’s duty can save our earth and natural resources.


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