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Sunday, January 29, 2012

SALMON -- on the verge of EXTINCTION

Salmon is a fish born in fresh water and grows up in sea. It gains nutrients from the sea water. It stays in sea water for most of the months, but they lay their eggs in fresh water. There is variety of salmon available, out which main are the Atlantic Salmon and the other is Pacific Salmon. Pacific salmon die after they lay their eggs while Atlantic salmon don’t die after they lay eggs.

 The Pacific salmon start their journey during the spring. They start to move from the sea towards fresh water, where they were born. There is around half a million salmon that return to the place where they were hatched. While moving towards their hatched place, they not only provide food to many species but also bring life to one of the richest habitat on earth. They move towards fresh water they have to travel around 3000 miles away from their present place. As they move they have to face enormous problems. They have to flow against the currents of the water, get escaped from various predators like grizzly bear, bald-head eagle, Bonaparte gulls and many more. Grizzly bears are the most dependent on these salmon.

They are at the heart of the massive network of life. They provide food to around 200 species of creatures including plants, animals and insects. They after their death undergo decomposition and provide phosphorous, nitrogen to the forests. This way these salmon play a vital role in life’s of various species.

Fresh water from the mountain

Recently it’s found that the number of salmon has gone down considerably. It was found that during the last winter, there were no salmons where they used to lay their eggs in the gravel. If this continues the salmon might get extinguished faster. If this happens the grizzly bear will be most affected, as it is their prime food to survive the strong winter. The main reason behind the decline in the salmon is the climatic change. As the temperature increases, the dissolved oxygen in the water gets decreased so it’s difficult for them to survive.
Bonaparte gull with Salmon egg

We have to take some immediate action inorder to save huge vegetation on the earth. This way we can save our earth & natural resources.


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