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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Energy crises is a huge threat to the people on the earth.

As we are so attached with it 24x7 throughout our life, now its very difficult 4 us to live with out it.

Just imagine 1 day, only one day without energy, how disaster your life would be without it.

The reasons are many for this energy crises.

As the non- renewable source of fuels are distributed unevenly throughout the world along with population explosion it has created a dead line for the availability of fossil fuels.

Now we have to save our earth & natural resources.

For this all we have to do is find an alternative source of energy and that to renewable source with sufficient efficiency.

In this search mostly we can go for solar cells, as every1 knows solar energy is abundant in nature and can be utilized.

But now we have to implement few modifications on the previously available techniques in order to minimize its drawbacks.

For example the conventional solar cells were made up of silicon cells, which had high production cost.

Now we can replace those inorganic materials by organic polymer, which will reduce the cost of production and is also easily available at low rate.

Even it possesses various merits that it can be used in any environmental conditions any could be used in any shapes.

So developing such type of alternative source of energy that to renewable source would help us to fight against such energy crises.

All is in our hand, we have to SAVE OUR EARTH & NATURAL RESOURCES.

LETS DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

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