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Monday, August 29, 2011


The main huge and natural sink for carbon dioxide is the oceans. The scientists have found one more sink that is the BASALT ROCKS. These rocks arrests the carbon dioxide to form harmless limestone. This seems to be innovative step to fight against the global warming. 

As we all know that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has gone up considerably, it has made an urgency to reduce it as low as possible, otherwise we have to be ready to face the various consequences caused by it. The latest example is the formation of the hurricane in USA. This is also due to climatic change, global warming. If we don't any steps to reduce it even now, its very clear that we have to be ready to face such calamities very often.  

The scientists are speeding up there researches in order to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as low as they can. The scientists have found a new sink. This will lock the carbon dioxide in the basalt rocks. 

The scientists have decided pump SELTZER WATER into the basalt rock through a deep hole made on the rock. The carbon dioxide entering will react with the calcium in the rock to form a limestone which is not harmful. The super-heated steam is obtained from geothermal plant. Scientists will separate the steam and carbon dioxide and this carbon dioxide is pumped underground into the rocks to form limestone.

This way the amount of the scientists of "Carb Fix" have found a new way to arrest the carbon dioxide available in the atmosphere.
Such innovative methods can save our earth & natural resources.       

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