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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Coastal vegetations consists of fresh water, saline water, fishes, animals on the coast, land etc. These vegetations are very sensitive to changes. Due to natural calamities like cyclones, hurricane, storm etc., the natural costal vegetations get extinguished. Those which have least resistance towards change perish fast. These loose there vegetation in the disaster and could not adapt themselves to the available vegetation, so they perish. Due to such disaster, many species have been extinguished. This may even cause imbalance in the food chain or in the ecosystem.

In the recent years the frequency of natural disaster has increased to a greater extent. Earlier until human activities were at tolerable limits, so the disaster taking place was at minimum frequency. As soon as man started exploiting the nature in the name of development, the frequency of the natural calamities increased to a greater extent. In the recent past there were around there was many storms, hurricanes, cyclones creating disaster at the coastal areas. NOAA revealed that in 2011, around 12-18 tropical storm, 6-10 hurricanes, 3-6 severe hurricanes.

It was also found that India was affected by several storms in 2011. Specially the recent one was the THANE storm which blew more than 100km/hr and slammed Puducherry. Around 19 died but huge loss in terms of property, infrastructure, and vegetation. So it is clear that if we try to hinder the nature, it will hinder us back and very soon. Its better we and nature go hand in hand without any hindering, in order to live in harmony. 

We have to together act inorder to save our earth & natural resources.

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