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Sunday, July 8, 2012


We are now living in “throwaway society” all we use is use and throw, from pen to commodities, metals, etc. As the population is high this causes disposal of huge amount of trash. Also the trashes disposed these days are quite different from the trashes disposed 50years back. All could not be treated in the similar way, as some are recyclable while others are not. If we just keep on dumping, or disposing by landfill methods, huge area of land is required. Now-a-days land available for living itself is diminishing, in this we require land for dumping waste, which is very difficult to get.

It was found that 70% of the trash from the household can be recycled. So instead of dumping these in trash it can be recycled. These include glass bottles, cans, papers, gift papers and boxes. Recycling these wastes is simple and can reduce space required for landfill.

On segregating the recyclable products the household wastes are left with less waste. Also the food waste in this can be used in developing gardens or compost piles. This way if we dispose the wastes in different bags it would be utilized in better way and least amount of wastes would be dumped. This will not only save the land also the resources.

Apart from household wastes, also garbage disposed from industries could be recycled. This will reduce the expense incurred in landfilling and incineration. Also it saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emission and other toxic gases. It helps in conservation of scare natural resources.

Energy has become the daily need for us, without which life is very difficult. In this condition its best to save the energy in whatever way we can. Recycling is one the best way to say energy.
For example:
  • ·         Recycling 1aluminum can, can save energy which could run a Television for 3hours.
  • ·    Recycled aluminum saves 95% energy while recycled plastic, recycled steel, recycled glass and recycled newspaper saves 70%, 60%, 40% and 40% respectively.

Recycling substitutes scrap materials instead of virgin materials like trees, metal ores, minerals, oil etc. Also recycling reduces the need for expansion of forestry and mining production.  

We can see the positives of recycling so it’s our prime duty to create awareness among the people in and around us. Those who all wish to save energy, natural resources also our earth and contribute your best by sharing and spreading this as much as you can. 


  1. salam super sahabat,
    tetap semangat dan sukses selalu ya
    ditunggu kunjungan baliknya :)

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