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Thursday, June 16, 2011


It was initially concluded that CO2 alone contributes hugely for causing climatic change. But it is found that not only CO2, soot coming out from various industries, automobiles along with smog created by the combination of smoke with fog. These are the promoters of climatic change apart from CO2.

Soot is produced by various industries. These soot comes out from the chimneys of the industries. These are carried out to some of the near by places with the help of wind. This is know as pluming. There are various forms of pluming, depending on the velocities of both the soot or plume rising and the wind. Greater the velocity of the wind, long spread of pollutants from the soot takes place. If the wind velocity is far less than the plume velocity, the pollutants will travel in the vertical direction. This will not affect the people to that extent than the former one. But this will affect the air travel, birds etc. This soot from the plume promotes pollution. There by increasing the unwanted green house gases into the atmosphere, which in turn will promote global warming. This global warming will enhance the climatic change problems. There by increasing the global temperature.

This can be reduced by having a control over the emission of soot into the atmosphere. This can be done by 3 methods.

METHOD 1: Using Proper Raw Material
By using those raw materials which would either wont give any soot or give in least amount. This will not only give soot free along with superior quality of product.
Either use top quality raw material or refine it. This will enhance the product with decline in pollutant emission.

METHOD 2:  Using Quality Process
If the raw materials cannot be processed or if we wont get pure raw material. Its more advisory to go for good quality process. This quality process will enhance the product also it wont emit pollutant. There by amount of soot produced will be low.

METHOD 3: Using Proper Post Treatment
Various adsorption processes can be applied to adsorb the soot. This will reduce the amount of soot.
This way soot can be reduced and we could prevent pollution. This will reduce the climatic change problem. 

Smog is another promoter with would enhance the climatic changes problem. Smog is caused by combination of Fog and smoke. Due to soot from industries and huge amount of smoke from the automobiles along with fog due to natural climate will together make smog. This will causes irritations and various health problems.
Also causes visibility problems and various climatic problems leading to climatic changes. 
So to save our earth & natural resources we have to have control over the pollutions which we cause.

1 comment:

  1. carbon monoxide and dioxide and soot ate all very harmful for the environment and have to be reduces as much as possible.The factories must think of the repercussions of the let out chemicals to the world also.dryer vent cleaning





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