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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Carbon dioxide a new boon-----used as fuel.

Carbon dioxide along with sunlight produces methanol and gasoline which can be used as fuel. A new innovative method that could reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

As everyone know that the excess amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the prime reason for causing global warming. The global warming has become a greatest problem for the past decade or so. Along with global warming we are facing problems regarding the energy availability. As our fossil fuels are on the verge of extinction, everyone has been alerted for an alternative source of fuels. Till now many alternative fuels have come, but this is going to be more interesting. As this will give solution for two problems at the same time.

Here carbon dioxide along with sunlight can be used as fuel. This will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Along with this energy will also be produced that can be utilized.

In this, carbon dioxide is converted to petrol using sunlight.This is achieved by recovering the building blocks of hydrocarbons by reversing the combustion process. The product so obtained can be synthesized to produce fuels in the form of methanol or gasoline. Already this technology has been tested for small scale utilization. It might require decade or so to commercialize.

Extracting fuel from carbon dioxide is found to be some what expensive. But on fine research it could be optimized. Also the reason for encouraging it is the ever increasing price of crude.

This process uses solar reactors named Counter-Rotating Ring Receiver Reactor Recuperator  which is simply called CR5. This solar reactor uses sunlight and breaks carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide and oxygen. Its simply a heat engine, but it does chemical work instead of doing mechanical work which is done by the normal heat engine.

The prototype that is used has the size and shape of a beer keg. This contains 14 cobalt ferrite rings each having diameter of 1 foot and rotates at 1rpm(revolutions per minute). An 947.23 square foot solar reactor traps huge amount of sunlight into the reactor. This is used to heat the cobalt ferrite rings to about 1427 degree centigrade. At this temperature the carbon dioxide breaks up to carbon monoxide and oxygen. As breaking of carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide and oxygen is an endothermic reaction, it absorbs the heat from the rings. When the rings temperature goes down to 1093 degree centigrade, it is exposed to carbon dioxide.

As the cobalt ferrite rings now lack oxygen, it takes it from the carbon dioxide that it is in contact with. There by leaving carbon monoxide, which serves as building block. This building block is the source for the formation of  hydrocarbon. Further this can be converted to methanol or gasoline, which is a fuel. After the formation of fuel, the cobalt ferrite ring comes back to its original state and is ready for another cycle.

This way the carbon dioxide which is considered as a problem can be utilized properly to give energy.

This to has one drawback, heating of cobalt ferrite ring to such a large temperature at commercial level. Heating for small scale has been achieved. So we have to find how to commercialize it.

By doing this we can save our earth & natural resources.

If anyone has any idea regarding the heating of rings for commercial scale can give. Its our earth and we have to save it.

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