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Sunday, July 31, 2011


We are aware that the global warming has adverse effects over this earth. Glacial ice has also been affected by the global warming. It the past, before global warming, there were huge regions of glacial ice. The global warming has increased the warmth of the globe. This warmth has caused for melting of glacial ice. This is the reason for declination of  glacial ice region. At present itself, the glacial ice region is present in very acute level. If such global warming continues, its sure that within few years there will be no glacial ice region. The graphical representation of the glacial regions in the past and present are show below. This would give you the clear picture of the present scenario.

The main reason is the emission of Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It was found that around 190 billion tons of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere every year. Out this, 7 billion tons emitted due to human activity, 91 billion tons due to biological activities taking part in the ocean and the rest due to volcanoes and decaying to terrestrial plants. 

You might think that human activity is contributing the least amount. But if seen properly, the other two have been increased due to indirect human activities. Our activities, like excess mining, excess deforestation, etc., all such activities in excess has disturbed the nature. 

Its very simple, we are disturbing the nature, so in turn its disturbing us by volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunami, etc. This way we are contributing to the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We are polluting the water bodies by passing various industrial wastes into it. This affects the normal life cycle in the water bodies like oceans. This again will disturb the carbon dioxide balance between the atmosphere and ocean. So excess amount of carbon dioxide gets emitted from the oceans into the atmosphere. 

This way we are whole responsible for the excess emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. So we have reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide by all means. We have to save our earth & natural resources.

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